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CPR Archived Newsletters

March, 2024

March CPR Newsletter: Happy (Or Not) Ivy Day!

February, 2024

February CPR Newsletter: The College Financial Aid Mess

January, 2024

CPR January Newsletter: Admissions News Not Fit To Print

December, 2023

CPR December Newsletter: Outshine 3 College Admissions Nor’easters

November, 2023

November CPR Newsletter: 5 Chill Parenting Hacks

October, 2023

CPR October Newsletter: Make College Admissions Less Spooky

September, 2023

September CPR Newsletter: How To Avoid College Admissions Self-Sabotage

August, 2023

August CPR Newsletter: What If College Admission Is Not A Problem?

July, 2023

July CPR Newsletter: Where’s The Joy In College Admissions?

June, 2023

CPR June Newsletter: 6 Tips For Summer College Visits

May, 2023

May CPR Newsletter: Graduation Tears And Fears

April, 2023

April CPR Newsletter: In Which I Tried ChatGPT To Write A College Essay

March, 2023

CPR March Newsletter: The Latest On College Rankings

February, 2023

February CPR Newsletter: Loving The College Search?

January, 2023

January CPR Newsletter: Healthy College Admissions Head Games

December, 2022

What Should I Be Doing Right Now?!

November, 2022

CPR Nov Newsletter: 5 Tips to Rescue Your Kid’s Application

October, 2022

CPR Oct Newsletter: Secret Portal to a Stressless World

September, 2022

Back To School CPR Newsletter: Anxiety Salves

May, 2022

CPR May Newsletter: Summer Planning Checklist!

April, 2022

CPR April Newsletter: Decision Time!

March, 2022

CPR March Newsletter: What are college visits good for?

February, 2022

CPR Newsletter: What Students Need to Know Now

January, 2022

January CPR Newsletter: Testing 1, 2, 3

December, 2021

December 2021 CPR Newsletter: Ho Hos and Woes

November, 2021

Free Books & Gratitude

October, 2021

Tips & Tricks for ED, EA & More

September, 2021

Back To School CPR Newsletter

July, 2021

The Truth About APs

May, 2021

The Trick to Crushing College Essays

April, 2021

College Visits Pandemic-Style

March, 2021

Focus on What We CAN Do

February, 2021

7 Tips I Wish I Knew

January, 2021

How To Navigate Recent Changes in College Admissions

December, 2020

I Will Survive

November, 2020

Pessimism Is the New Optimism

October, 2020

College Financial Aid Primer

September, 2020

Becoming Chiller

August, 2020

How to Deal with a Virtual Semester

July, 2020

Back to School?

June, 2020

It’s College Essay Time!

May, 2020

Reassurance Included

April, 2020

Uplifting News for College Applicants in Dark Times

March, 2020

March Madness Edition

February, 2020

Sneaky News That Could Impact Your Child

January, 2020

The New Decade Edition

December, 2019

The Holiday Peace and Joy Edition

November, 2019

Shifting from Stress to Gratitude

October, 2019

The Spooky Halloween (and Early Application Deadline) Edition

September, 2019

Back to School Edition

August, 2019

Book Launch Day Edition

July, 2019

In the News

June, 2019

NO DRAMA Necessary (Even if You Live with a Teenager)

May, 2019

Anxiety Busters

April, 2019

How To Avoid Hellfire, and Other College Admissions Advice

March, 2019

The Inaugural Issue

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