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Hello fellow parents!

Welcome back to this safe space for information, support, and humor maintenance as we muddle through college admissions together.

First, we dance. Click here.

Were you still rooting for that guy, even when it became apparent that his high hopes were impractical (to say the least)? Were you hoping that your kid would someday sing your praises, about how you supported her dreams? Could you care less that the talented singer never attended college? A friendly reminder that our teenagers have big dreams that extend far beyond college acceptance and that sometimes, it means more than we realize when we support them.

Lots of support available for you this month…

In the comfort of your own home July 19-25, you can attend the Your Teen Ready For College virtual symposium of college admissions professionals sharing valuable advice. My video interview will beavailable on July 21st for only 48 hours, so mark your calendar, but also catch timely interviews with experts about college essays, paying for college, etc. Did I mention it’s all free of charge?

Since you heard from me last, I’ve been busy narrating the College Admissions Cracked audiobook. Now you’ll be able to listen to the book alone in your car after dropping your kid off at practice for whatever, where you can cry or laugh maniacally, and no one will know the difference.

Or if you’re a woman over forty trying to live your best life, tune in to the Messy Middle Road Trip podcast. My guest spot will air next month, but in the meantime, Janine and Nicole cover a whole lot more than college admissions.

If you’re lucky enough to be vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard on July 25th, a college essay coach colleague of mine will be speaking (live) on the topic of Applying to College in the Age of Scandal and Stress.

If your child is contemplating not going to college—at least not right away…

I think we all know that there is no one-size-fits-all path through life. But sometimes, while staggering through the college admissions hurricane, it’s hard to remember that attending college directly after high school (or ever) is not the right route for some kids. Taking a gap year is a common practice now, two-year colleges are far cheaper and offer some majors not available at four-year colleges, and this article, When Your Teenagers’ Peers Are Headed To College, But He Is Not, includes great tips for helping your child as he grapples with finding his own path.

If you’re wondering, “What’s my role in my child’s college admissions journey?”

This is such a great question. I mean, there’s no official handbook for any leg of this parenting odyssey, right? In addition to my forthcoming book, this article, Interdependence in College Admission, offers helpful guidance.

Testing, testing, 123…

Most students will take an SAT or ACT test before this whole college admissions brouhaha is done, and those tests can stress them out. Read Helping Students with Test Anxiety for insights and tips.

Sanity Saver…

If you’re heading on any college visit roadtrips (or not), try my friend Debbie’s friend Chrissie’s Healthy-ish Roadtrip Cookie Recipe. They taste like caramel! And they’re not (that) bad for you. This is how being a chill parent works—we share helpful stuff that was shared with us, and it makes all of our lives better.

In Conclusion…

The book launch for College Admissions Cracked is only weeks away! You can take this quiz to find out if you need to pre-order it ASAP for yourself, a friend, or your book group. As a bonus to newsletter subscribers (thank you for joining the revolution!), I’ll call in or Skype visit your book group; I’d love to meet you. Contact me to set that up, or with questions or topics you’d like me to include in future CPR newsletters. If you think it will make you chill-er, it will help everyone. Seriously. Everyone.



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