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November CPR Newsletter: 5 Chill Parenting Hacks

Hello Fellow Parent, and Welcome!

Do you want to be the most chill parent in the neighborhood? Of course you do, so here we go.

Hack #1, Do NOT ask any teenager the following questions:

Where are you applying to college?
What are you going to major in?

That’s it. It’s so simple to avoid sending your kid or nephew or neighbor’s child into a tailspin.

Be the one person in their entire life who gave them a break from the not-so-subtle suggestion that at sixteen or seventeen they’re supposed to know everything about their future. Interrogation abstinence may not yield sufficient gratitude from the adolescent who was spared, but you will feel better about yourself, even if you’re dying to know.

Hack #2 (and sanity saver)…

Many a senior stumped about what to write in their college application personal essay truly believes, I have nothing to say about my normal, boring life. You don’t need to say a word to have a fresh response ready for this common complaint.

Share the poem by Emily Dickinson, I’m Nobody! Who are you? with the writer suffering from performance anxiety.

We “nobodies” have the freedom of privacy not afforded to those poor influencers and celebrities for whom every zit is magnified in the tabloids. Maybe the reminder that no one is watching will take away some of the pressure to write a perfect first essay draft.

If they completely miss the point and just roll their eyes at you (really, Mom, you think I’m a nobody?), my personal essay writing course could help jump start their process.

Hack #3, Preview to demystify the new FAFSA…

Check out this FAFSA Prototype for the new (and supposedly improved) Free Application for Federal Student Aid form that you’ll likely need to complete. It won’t officially open for you to fill out until the end of December, but by then you’ll know exactly what info you’ll need to gather to submit it ASAP.

Hack #4,I did a podcast interview to help you keep your cool!

Tune in to Flusterclux with Lynn Lyons: for parents who worry. Listen to all the episodes for sage advice, but especially the one in which I talk about keeping your cool during the college application process.

Hack #5, When early college notifications arrive in mid-December, do NOT ask any senior the following question:

Did you get in?

You’ll find out soon enough.

But if you happen to know that the student (perhaps your kid?) was denied by their first choice college, speculation about “why” will not do them any good. Help them move as quickly as possible through the grieving period so they can re-channel their energy toward excitement about the thousands of possible colleges waiting for them to submit an application. Forward motion is essential because they’ll only have a couple of weeks to decide where to apply and write a bevy of supplemental essays.

Follow these hacks, and POOF; you will instantaneously be the chilliest parent around!

Just kidding, but I hope they serve as a start, so you can enjoy the holiday season. As another chill parenting hack, I am working on meditation. So far, “monkey mind” prevails, but I will let you know how it goes.

Warmly (in my heart, though not literally, as winter has struck here in New England),


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