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Welcome to a world where we approach college admissions as a supportive community instead of a cutthroat competition.

Welcome as you are, chill or not! There is no world in which you should feel stressed out and alone as you muddle through college admissions with your teenager. I’m so happy you’re here because we’ll make sure that won’t happen. Here’s how I can help:

1. If early decision/action notifications didn’t go quite like your kid had hoped, you can contact me here if you want to hire me to review their application (including essays) as thoroughly as if it were my own kid. Then we (meaning me, your child, or the entire family) can talk about all the ways they can make that application more sparkly. Or you can pick my brain about anything that’s on your mind for an entire hour.

2. You can also check out the many free resources I’ve made available to help you organize the college admissions journey for your family. Check in regularly because I keep adding more.

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4. If a month-by-month supportive guide to every step of the college admissions process will bring you peace, purchase a copy of College Admissions Cracked: Saving Your Kid (and Yourself) From the Madness. I poured a decade of experience coaching students and parents through college admissions and evaluating applications for elite colleges into this user-friendly book. What’s mine is yours.

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