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Welcome to a world where we support each other through college admissions and live by the mantra “your best is plenty!”

Welcome as you are, chill or not! There is no world in which you should feel stressed out and alone as you muddle through college admissions with your teenager. I’m so happy you’re here because we’ll make sure that won’t happen.

Some good news about college admissions in dark times:

1. Your child has gained resilience from all the abrupt shutdowns. No matter what happens with school this fall, your kid’s got this, and so do you. Follow the month-by-month to-do lists in College Admissions Cracked to guide you through.

2. You can visit way more colleges online (for free!) than you ever could’ve over spring break. And you can download lots of other free resources here.

3. Colleges are deeply concerned about under-enrollment. That means that future applicants, including your kid, are a hot commodity!

4. 1230 colleges are now test optional. Can you feel your heartrate slow down? Join our CPR Facebook Group for other uplifting updates.

5. Your child’s written application will hold more weight this year than ever before, and students have always had 100% control over how they tell their story. Need essay help? I’ve got you covered.

6. This shake-up of some of the toxic high school rituals—such as sleep deprivation and anxiety-provoking high stakes testing—could prove a promising first step toward better physical and mental health for our children.

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