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Welcome as you are, chill or not! There is no world in which you should feel stressed out and alone as you muddle through college admissions with your teenager. I’m so happy you’re here, and now that you’ve landed in this safe space, here’s how I can help:

Do you just want someone reliable to take over, explain clearly, and organize the entire college admissions process for you? I’ve got you covered! Order my book College Admissions Cracked for $19.99, and you’ll have it all figured out (TLC for parents included)!

Does your child need expert personal essay writing help right now? Go directly to Intrepid Applicant.com, where I will virtually guide your kid through my entire private coaching process in a uniquely gamified step-by-step course. It’s the fun, easy, efficient way to get your kid from procrastination to a finished essay (TLC included for students, as well)!

Does your kid need hand holding? I get that, I do accept a handful of private students each year, and yours could be one of them! You can find me here for personalized Essay and Application Reviews or to get your child on my list for application-writing coaching next summer.

Do you want free resources? They are always here on this site for the taking. What’s mine is yours. Don’t be shy—download anything you need!

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Do you just want to share (or cry) or ask a quick question? Contact me here to ask me about anything I didn’t include above, even if you’re just having a moment and need me to talk you down from Anxiety Cliff. I’m at your service, my friend.

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