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August CPR Newsletter:
What If College Admission Is Not A Problem?

Hello Fellow Parent, and Welcome!

Back-to-school for high school juniors and seniors can mean endless college name-dropping and every student in every AP class secretly anxious that they are behind. Then they bring that stress home to their beleaguered parents who just want to get this whole college admissions brouhaha done and over with. I know.

Sanity saver (necessary and deserved)…

That’s why I’m giving top billing to my friend and mindfulness guru Cheryl Brause’s mini mantra series, specifically, What if it’s not a problem?

Find more focus and calm at www.pausetobepresent.com. Cheryl does not disappoint. 

Helping your kid and yourself fight back-to-school stressors…

Don your own oxygen mask first by reminding yourself to ask, “Is that thing I’m worrying about really a problem?” Lord knows (and so do you, if you’ve read my book College Admissions Cracked) that I, too, need this reminder daily (sometimes hourly).

Next, you can remind your child that even if they’re a senior and want to apply early, they still have two full months (a lifetime in teenage years) to visit colleges (virtually or IRL) and compile a college list and complete their application, including essays. Yes, it’s hanging over their head, but no, it is not a crisis. They’ve got this!

A bonus offer for you, my tribe of chill(ish) parents…

My friend, I’m only announcing this here in my newsletter that I’m slashing the cost of my new Intrepid Applicant platform to 1/3 of its usual price for one week only (offer ends September 7).

It’s a secret little back-to-school special so your kid can get step-by-step guidance to write a personal essay Draft In A Week or Finish A Sparkly Essay (if they’ve already started), or both. For the first week of September, writing their college essay really won’t be a problem!

Solve the personal essay procrastination issue now
at https://intrepidapplicant.com/
In conclusion, no guilt in the kitchen or otherwise…

I hope my discounted virtual essay-coaching offer combined with Cheryl’s mantra will help tamp down back-to-school stress for your family.

No guilt that you didn’t force your kid to finish their college application before school started!

And no guilt about that pile of tomatoes over-ripening on the kitchen counter waiting to be boiled down to a thimbleful of sauce.

Now go forth and conquer what you can! As for the rest that you just can’t manage today, what if it’s not a problem?


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