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Back to School Edition

Welcome Back to School!

Wherever your child is (and you are) in the college admissions process, you are right where you should be. I’m going to keep repeating this until you believe me. The start of the school year means game on for the college admissions process, so I have tons of tips for you this month. Let’s get to it.

New Service

Maybe your child is senior, and he isn’t quite sure he’s getting his essay or really any of his college applications right, and he’s so busy now that school’s underway, but he won’t suffer your assistance well, and you could really use an expert who has actually worked in admissions to review what he’s written and provide meaningful advice about how to make it stand out? We’ve got you covered with our College Application Review Service. ’nuff said.

Time Management Tips From Our Guest Expert

You asked, and I called in an expert for ideas to help your child with time management. Natalie Borrell, a school psychologist and academic life coach for teenagers at  Life Success for Teens, has generously shared a freebie you can download here: 7 Ways To Stop Your Kid From Procrastinating (Without Having To Nag).

Tips for Writing Supplements

For those not yet schooled, a Writing Supplement is a second application (often including essays) that your kid is required to write for some colleges—I know, I know, the last thing she has time for. So I’ve added Tips for Tackling Supplemental Essays to the free Resources on my website with guidelines I hope will help.

Your FAQs

So many of you wrote in with questions that I answer in the pages of College Admissions Cracked, that I thought I’d provide some quick page references:

Starting on p.39, I devote most of January junior year (though I hope you don’t!) to standardized testing. Many of your questions relate to test anxiety, so lots of tips to combat that on p.56.

Interview tips start on p.120 in College Admissions Cracked. The Harvey Mudd College website offers some good additional interview advice. FYI, many college websites include blogs with lots of information—another great resource.

Financial aidtips are sprinkled throughout the book, though consider advice on p.12 BEFORE you jump into the college search.

I’ve also been busy answering questions as a guest expert on QuoraFamily Circle Magazine’s Facebook page, New England Public Radio, and the Masters In Parenting podcast.

Sanity Saver

I made this Salmon Salad Niçoise recipe for my first dinner party as an empty nester, perfect for the host to enjoy cocktail hour with guests (an hour you won’t want to miss as the college admissions season heats up) because it’s served at room temperature. Admittedly, it took me a little (a lot) longer to assemble than the Barefoot Contessa, who makes everything look so easy, and she’s so calm in her video.

Maybe blanching the beans just right will help you stay calm now that school and college admissions madness are back in session. Maybe the procrastination-busters on Natalie’s download or my supplemental essay tips will help. Either way, remember the Rule of 5 (p.112 in College Admissions Cracked): If it won’t matter in 5 years, it’s not worth more than 5 minutes stressing about it now.



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