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***NOTE*** – College application review will resume as the deadline approaches. 


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Welcome! Our goal is to provide you with access to experts to answer questions, decrease the stress inherent in the college admissions process, and provide professional advice so your child can present her sparkly best on her college application.





  • We have all worked for years within prestigious college admissions offices, evaluated thousands of students’ applications, and participated in committee meetings when final admission decisions were made.
  • We have also privately coached students applying to a wide range of colleges and universities.
  • We’ve been through the college application process many times over with both our private clients and our own children, so we know how to deliver “suggestions” in a way teenagers can hear them. (Not being your child’s parent helps!)





  • A thorough, holistic review of your child’s college application draft that includes actionable advice to make it more sparkly with revisions she can achieve efficiently. (We get it; everyone’s busy!)
  • Or if your child only needs an honest, in-depth review of her personal essay, we can help with that too.
  • We’ll set a deadline for your child to get this application done, and send a reminder the day before, so you don’t have to nag. (You’re welcome!)
  • We offer add-on options to review supplements or revisions, so you only pay for what your child needs.





  • To make sure your kid’s getting this right. (We’re parents too!) We’ll look for red flags, point out opportunities to hook a reader’s attention, and suggest concrete ways your child can highlight her most unique and appealing qualities.
  • To provide top notch, private, personalized consulting for the written application only, so the best advice is affordable for and accessible to more students before colleges evaluate their candidacy.
  • To ease your family’s anxiety with reliable, professional guidance at the tail end of the (often harrowing) college application process. If that doesn’t relieve stress, I don’t know what will!


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“You not only made my college applications ten times better, but your admissions experience provided an insider’s glimpse of an admissions officer’s thought process and mentality that put my mind at ease. You have been a Godsend, and I honestly would have gotten into a lot more fights with my mom without this service! (I know my mom is eternally grateful as well.)”


Matthew, College of William and Mary


“You are a treasure!”


Teri, Matthew’s mom



“With the eye of an expert, my daughter’s reader reviewed her Common App and pointed out multiple places where she could do a better job of highlighting her unique strengths and interests. She pointed out issues that were only obvious to someone who has read thousands of applications and knows exactly what will stand out (for better or worse) to admissions officers. The feedback was crystal clear and the changes were easy to make. Most important, it put our minds at ease to know that the final Common App was in great shape. Don’t suffer through tears at the dining room table — let these experts help!”


Eve, daughter at Barnard College



“My honest feeling about all that goes in to college applications is that it’s way over the top and way too much pressure. So, thankfully, we found you – a clear voice of what is expected and how best to put your best foot forward with who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Your understanding of what these colleges are looking for and your input were extremely valuable for my son’s successful admission to three out of the four schools to which he applied. The ease and availability you offer makes working with you very doable – even for a busy senior! Your ability to relate to your student client is also a great benefit that leads to a successful outcome. I highly recommend your services to anyone seeking professional guidance through the subjective nature of the college application process. Thank you for your help with our son.”


Connie, son at University of Florida



“We came to you after our son was deferred from an Ivy League school in the Early Action process. You showed us what was lacking in his application and what he should change to be more competitive. It worked! Our son was accepted to Dartmouth College, and we know it was because of his revised application. You were a true professional who could read a student’s Common App and instantly know what needs to be improved. Thank you!”


Kristine, son at Dartmouth College



“This expert review of our daughter’s completed Common Application and supplements was truly invaluable, providing simple but impactful opportunities to correct and fine-tune her responses. It even inspired her to expand her list of schools to include one that ended up offering both a hearty acceptance and a heap of merit support.”


Nora, daughter at University of Massachusetts



“Everything you did to help me through this process is the reason why I am going where I am this fall. Had it not been for your feedback, or your boost of morale, I don’t know what I’d be doing or where I’d be going after graduation. Thank you for everything you did, and I hope that future college applicants choose to work with you, because they won’t regret it one bit.”


Luke, University of Maryland



“I was very nervous about applying for college and you helped me with my whole application, making the process so much easier and less stressful. In the end I was accepted to my first choice college and I can’t thank you enough for helping me get to that point! Thanks again for all your help!”


Claire, Wellesley College



“I think your suggestions are spot on. I’m amazed that you were able to give such thorough revision ideas so quickly! (I knew you were a pro, but this was rather dazzling.). Most of all, thanks for the encouraging words. This process can undermine the confidence of even the most well- adjusted kid these days.”


Tracey, daughter at Bowdoin College



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